A Little Pet Horse App Reviews

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its good really!

Everyone keeps on saying these games are bad!!!! They're just regular normal people who have nothing better to do but complain about things. I guess I must be one of those unique ones who actually ENJOYS their games! Their so good! You just have to have patience and kindnessy and your fine. It WAS WORTH THE DOLLAR, THOSE RARE PEOPLE OUT THERE THAT ENJOY FUN SIMPLE GAMES!!!!!!!


Don't you dare get this game.Its just pictures of horses its not worth the money!☹️


Ugh I should've read the reviews before I bought this game

Don't get this game

I hate this game, all you do is pick a picture then get the horse out and take a picture, this is not worth it. You will waste 99 cents

I would give this 0

Dum game don't buy it you just put horses in pictures scam Apple Samsung please remove this app and give everyone there money back

Don't get it

This is not a good app don't get it

The worst app

Don't waste your money,

Do not get this game

Do not get this game all you do is put a horse in a picture. such a ripoff!It looks like you can buy a horse and name him and have him/her have a baby.SUCH A RIPOFF

Don't buy, it does nothing

This looks like acute app but it doesn't do anything


This is a horrible game. All you can do is put a horse in a picture! What a waste of a dollar!


Rubbish don't buy

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